Red Deer Danish Canadian Club

Proud Member of the Federation of Danish Associations in Canada



Red Deer Danish Canadian Club Annual General Meeting

March 5, 2018 at ABC Restaurant

In attendance: Bendt and Jutte Husted, Joanne and Svend Nielsen, Hanna Giles, Pernile Nielsen, Nels and Ellen Bonde, Faye and Larry Kjersegaard, Barb Manning, Hans and Inge Mathiesen, Anna and Jens Kaastrup….Boardmembers Kari Noete, Kelly Hansen, Yvonne Benbow and Susan Jones…Edith Jones absent

Meeting called to order at 612pm

We presently have 37 paid members. Quorum=4

No additions to agenda

Minutes of the 2017 AGM read by S.Jones and adopted by all

Treasurer report read by K. Hansen

Financial Statement January 1-December 31 2017…Please see attached documents RDDCC Financial Statement 2017 adopted by K Hansen…all in favor

President Report by K.Noete…membership continues to slowly decrease, had to cancel some events…thank you to all the volunteers…all in all it was a fun year. Report adopted by K.Noete all in favor.

Old Business

Reports/discussion/questions on 2017 club events provided by board members…K Hansen willing to host the St Hans Fest again this year on June 23/18…golf tourney cancelled this year due to lack of participants.

Bursary winners of $1000.00 each goes to Reid Le Clair and Shanyn Cookson…unable to provide bursary to international students (Danish/Scandinavian) as per AGLC guidelines

Emailing/mailing out the TeleDane needs to be better managed in the future as some member were not receiving the TeleDane

Danish Lessons attended by 8 members…if less than 4 class cancelled…Not cost effective if attendance less than 4 so Danish lessons may end. Thank you to P.Nielsen for her support in teaching the classes.

Old ByLaws rescinded and the new bylaws adopted as amended…copy of updated bylaws need to be sent to ALBERTA Corporate Registeries…E Bonde has volunteered to complete this task

New Business

This year the Danish Canadian Conference will be held in Halifax NS May 24-27 2018 registration pamphlets available here today

Discussion about the available financial coverage for above registration fees…

motion put forward by L Kjersegaard “all paid members attending the Annual Danish Conference with proof of paid registration will get the Danish Conference registration fee reimbursed by the RDDCC” it was also recommended that registrants attend the meetings…. seconded by P Nielsen…all in favor and adopted

Discussion about the bylaw 11-1…special resolution

In the event RDDCC folds funds to be divided equally between Stars Air Ambulance, Red Deer Hospice Society, Central AB Ronald McDonald House and The Danish Canadian Museum corp. was put forward by the board…defeated on vote

Therefore bylaw 11-1 stays the same with a recommendation for the new board to discuss and present another option prior to the next AGM in 2019…some of the suggestion put forth by the members included adjusting the amount of money allocated to each group.

Financial Reviewers

E. Bonde and B Manning volunteer again this year. Thank you to their continued support in this task

Elections for New board members

K Noete, K.Hansen, S. Jones have completed their term plus the one year(as per special circumstances)

Y. Benbow and E.Jones have competed their 2 year term

All decline to continue on.

Nominations put forth to Larry Kjersegaard, Ellen Bonde, Hanna Giles, Joanne Nielsen, Erik Hansen, Ester Odekirk, Pernile Nielsen and Glen Pratt….

Larry, Ellen, Joanne and Ester agree to a 2 year term.

Hanna agrees to a 1 year term

Pernile declines completely

Erik and Glen were not available to confirm acceptance.

Nominations ceased by L. Kjersegaard…all in favor

Meeting adjourned at 8:06pm