Red Deer Danish Canadian Club

Proud Member of the Federation of Danish Associations in Canada


This place and on Facebook will from now on be where the Red Deer Danish Canadian Club will keep you posted on future cancellations, and when things are safer we will DEFINITELY make sure to let you all know when we are doing Club Events again. 


Fall Campout 2020                                    

In light of the still ongoing new cases in Alberta with Covid 19 the Board Members have decided to CANCEL the 2020 Fall Campout. We would have loved seeing everyone again for a fun campout, but the safety of everyone is still the bigger thing to secure.


Grundlovsdag - Danish Constitution Day

We have recieved this greeting from the Embassy to share with all of our members:

Dear Danes and friends of Denmark,

June 5 is Denmark’s Constitution Day - in Danish Grundlovsdag. The day marks
Denmark’s first democratic constitution, signed by King Frederik VII in 1849, making Denmark a constitutional monarchy with a representative parliamentary system. The Constitutionapplies in the entire realm: Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The Constitutionhas been amended a few times since it was enacted. On June 5, 1915, an amendment ofthe Constitution gave women the right to vote.

The Danish embassy would have liked nothing more than to celebrate this day of
democracy. And you might had planned a day spent with family and friends at Constitution meetings - “grundlovsmøder,” enjoying the early summer day and evening listening to
political speeches on the state of government. However, this year will be different due to the unusual times we live in. COVID-19 has spread across borders and affected us all. It has profoundly changed our everyday life. But when borders closed around the world, the world also opened up to the exchange of innovation and collaboration to find a cure on a scale that we have never seen before. Denmark and Canada are joined in this quest and committed to promoting democratic principles globally through protecting human rights for all citizens, equality for all, transparency, and good governance. We will get through this crisis if we stand together, though physically apart.

2020 also marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and the liberation of
Denmark from German occupation. Every year on May 4, we light candles in our windows to celebrate the evening when light returned to Denmark after five years of darkness. Canadians played a vital role in the Allied liberation of Europe and a special thanks goes out to our friend and ally for the freedom we enjoy today.

Virtual arts and culture have lifted our spirits the past couple of months. Danes have
enjoyed daily communal sing-alongs of old familiar Danish tunes while staying home. In addition, social distancing did not stop the Danes from celebrating the 80th birthday of Queen Margrethe II on April 16. Although all official events were cancelled, Danes celebrated the occasion by singing the Danish birthday song together from their living rooms to H.M. the Queen, who watched the celebration on her television and later in a televised speech thanked all Danes for making the birthday one of the most memorable. In these difficult times, we take care of each other by checking in, by helping with the groceries, by sharing baking recipes or a virtual cup of coffee or tea. The well-known Danish hygge has taken on a whole new meaning. So enjoy this time of mindfulness with your families and keep staying together by staying apart.

I send you my warmest greetings and wish you and your families a Happy Constitution Day.